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Hi there,
I am fairly new to cycling, and I have just been doing a bit of cycling on my Giant OCR4. Lol. I am looking to step it up, so I have decided to look at upgrading to a more suitable bike.
I am looking at buying from a website, and I have a shortlist of the following bikes:

-Giant SCR1 2007
-Scott Speedster s30
-Specialized Allez Elite 2007
-Merida Rd 903 27 Spd
-Scott Speedster S40

Which of these bikes, if any, do people recommend? Any other suggestions are welcome, but as you notice from the list, I do have a budget of around £800.
Thanks for any help.


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    Hi, i would suggest thinking about the geometry of the bikes you are looking at.
    If i remember correctly your OCR4 has quite a low racier riding position.
    The SCR range and Trek Pilot range have a higher front end giving a more relaxed position.
    The Spesh Allez seems to be midway between the two extremes.
    I suspect the Scott bikes are low and racier.
    Focus bikes from Wiggle seem very popular too.
    I have a Trek Pilot and the relaxed geometry suits me perfectly but you should visit a few bike shops to see the differences.
    Also take some measurements of your bike and compare them to the different sizes on the manufacturers websites as they all size bikes differently.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks for the help there.
    Yeah, the OCR4 does have a low racier riding position.
    To be honest, I would prefer a higher front end.
    I will definitely make sure the size is correct before I order. Would the Giant sizing guide be similar to my current bike, or does it vary between the different models??
    Anyone had any experiences using the Meridan bikes??