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The Severn Delta

jpembrokejpembroke Posts: 2,569
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Man, it sucks over here. No water for as much as 2 weeks and may lose power, too. Time to evacuate I reckon.
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  • bikerbillbikerbill Posts: 269
    I pedaled over to Gloucester today from Stroud to look at the floods, but the cops were about all over the place and you couldn't get anywhere near the river. It was almost like a ghost town, with an obvious lack of traffic and the power was out for a lot of places too. There was a few helicopters buzzing around and on the ride back, one of those big Sea King rescue choppers flew right over me.

    I'm just glad that only a few miles down the road everything seems relatively normal; the taps are still flowing and the power is still on (although we did have a power cut for an hour at lunchtime today). The shelves at the local supermarket were bare tonight though. Let's just hope that normal service will be resumed for the rest of the county fairly soon.

  • I'm in Gloucester and I was wishing that I had one of these for when the power was out.

    Still no water tho. I'm still doing my regular hour's training tho, even tho washing is a pain after and so is washing my kit. It won't beat us. :D
  • cycologistcycologist Posts: 721
    Good luck to all those affected by the floods. Hope that the downpoor forecast for Saturday night is not as bad as the media dramatists purvey.
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  • Well the Met office is forecasting a bit more than the warning we had a couple of days ago. IMHO, it might hamper the cleanup operation and put it on hold for thse that have already started, but it won't reach the levels that we had last Sunday.

    My thoughts go to all those who've lost their homes and belongings. We count ourselves very lucky for only losing electric for 2 days and no tap water for a week.
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