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my first HRM

ddraverddraver Posts: 23,190
hey guys

Just got my first HRM ( a cat eye one in a cycle computer, can't rememeber the model)

Unfortunatly at some time this means i'm going to have to do a max HR test which sucks

But has anyone got any ideas how and where to start, or any links that go through it all nice and simply

I'm lookijg to burn fat mainly and do some speed training, but i suppose specific excercises are better for that, not HR based stuff?!

Many thanks

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- @ddraver


  • Vat59Vat59 Posts: 13
    Hi Dave,
    Got this formula after maxing out on a hill next to a hospital :( , best place to do it i thought , it was only two beats per min. out.

    210 minus half your age minus 5% of your body weight in pounds plus 4 for men 0 for women.

    Hope this gives you what you want , many don`t place a lot of faith in this type of formulae but two beats out is good enough for most people .
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