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Daily Mail pile of old trouser, "openly flouting"

rothbookrothbook Posts: 943
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First it was hug a hoodie - now Cameron's joined the Lycra louts
Last updated at 21:29pm on 21st July 2007

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David Cameron has been accused of joining cycling's growing army of 'Lycra louts' who openly flout the rules of the road after he was snapped riding through a red light.

The Tory leader, who sparked controversy last year with his 'hug a hoodie' speech, breached the Highway Code as he cycled home through London's Notting Hill. And although he had a helmet with him, Mr Cameron decided not to wear it - leaving it dangling from his handlebars.


Cameron gets red light from Widdecombe

The episode comes amid growing tension on the capital's streets between law-abiding motorists and a hard core of cyclists who routinely ride on pavements, ignore lights and signs and weave dangerously through traffic.

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Outlaw: David Cameron jumps a red light

In pictures taken on Wednesday evening in Portobello Road, Mr Cameron approaches the crossroads at Westbourne Park Road with the lights signalling him to stop. Then he edges across the white line, despite the red light and, finally, crosses the yellow-box junction with the lights still on red.

Hugh Bladon, of the Association of British Drivers, said: 'All cyclists must obey the rules of the road. It does not matter who they are.'

But a Conservative spokesman commented: 'Mr Cameron was riding extremely carefully.'


  • The BIG GTThe BIG GT Posts: 655
    Tried to post a comment against the usual anti-bike brigade but, surprise surprise! no matter how many times I type in the anti-spam code it won't let me post....

    No wonder none of the comments are defending against the 'tax them', 'ban them', 'register them' comments.
    Now living happily at !!
  • dynohubdynohub Posts: 102
    Bizarre all round really.

    The Daily Wail is a Tory paper, but appears to be more anti-bike than pro-Tory (Unless they are joining the "scrap-Dave" campaign.)

    Similarly the ABD are a pretty pro-Tory bunch normally but seem to have suffered from the same attack of "torn-disloyalties" .

    As far as I can see, what he has done is no big deal and not dangerous in any way. But I suppose this boils down to an argument about interpreting the law with discretion?
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    there seems to be more than one person breaking the rule of the road in those pictures.

    about ? 6?

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  • rothbookrothbook Posts: 943
    Cool- how do you post pics?
  • Pete OwensPete Owens Posts: 62
    rothbook wrote:
    The episode comes amid growing tension on the capital's streets between law-abiding motorists and ...

    Strange to find the Wail so enthusiasitic about the Highway Code. I thought in mail speak those who disregard traffic law were always described as "otherwise law abiding".
  • Absinthe MindedAbsinthe Minded Posts: 1,351
    nicklouse wrote:
    there seems to be more than one person breaking the rule of the road in those pictures.
    Yes, for a start there's that maniac pavement cyclist....
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  • PorgyPorgy Posts: 4,525
    Er...this might be a stupid do we know that is actually Cameron?
  • CunobelinCunobelin Posts: 11,792
    Dontcha just love the Daily Mail.

    Two days later there is an article on illegal parking.

    Now because its clamping down on motorists the chosen mouthpiece of the ABD has stated that- it's a "Jihad against freedom of movement"

    Surely "all road users must obey the law" would be more appropriate, or is it simple hypocrisy?
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,678
    You know ,I bet that actually makes sense to someone.
    Jaded maybe ?
    censored ,I left at least ten spaces before the question mark and it only shows as one.
    Never mind you'll suss it I'm sure.
    Love George.
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