Cycling specific laundry knowledge needed

david 142
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Got a bit ahead of myself today and took my first pair of lycra shorts out for a test drive, forgetting that I hadnt sussed out how to wash them properly afterwards.
I want to keep to a handwash because I need to get my ideas sorted out for a tour in a few weeks time.
I'm thinking mild detergent, definitely not biological, and a thorough rinse. Is there more to it than that?

I didnt use any, err, lubricants today :wink: If I end up doing so, what do I need to use to get the grease out of the chamois?


  • redddraggon
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    I didn't there was a need for any special washing for lycra. I've been using lycra base layers for years for rugby (which I now use for cycling) . I've always washed then with my normal clothes, and the lycra has always come out as they went in (albeit cleaner) - I can't say the same about my normal clothes though.

    I just through my shirts and shorts in the washer, never thought any special treatment was needed.
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  • keith57
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    david 142 wrote:
    I didnt use any, err, lubricants today :wink: If I end up doing so, what do I need to use to get the grease out of the chamois?

    No need to try and remove the 'lubricants'. Just wash as normal. Assos themselves recommend adding chamois cream as soon as you pull them out of the washer, before you hang them up to dry. They also say you don't have to do this every time, alternate washes will do.

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  • jibi
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    When I am not touring I recommend the 3 virgins approach
    One to gently Dhobi the shorts on her thighs
    The second to run around to generate a gentle breeze to dry the shorts
    The third to treat the chamois with genuine Lanolin

    or you could what I do, wash at 30 and treat with lanolin

    where do you find 3 virgins????

  • AndyGates
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    All that lanolin business was important back in the 1980s when the shammy insert was actual chamois leather (and dried all crispy if you didn't look after it - oyah, my plums!). But modern synthetic shammy just needs washing on a low temperature and not hot-drying.

    You *can* put shammy cream on, thats personal preference. Certainly no need either way. As for biological, that's personal choice too. It's better on skidmarks...
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  • jibi
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    Buy once you get used to the feel of lanolin :P :P
    ( and its great for Brooks saddles)

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  • david 142
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    Hmm. Does that mean proofide would be good for my...Oh lets not go there :lol:
    Its good to find out that the situation is less demanding than I thought - I'll probably manage allright then!

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  • Fab Foodie
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    ditto; 30 degree wash with no Fabric conditioner.

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