Road bike shops near Exeter / East Devon?

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Not sure if this is the right section but...

I have been to a few local shops but all seem to specialise in and stock more MTB's. I guess this is because there is more money in them. However as a newbie to road bikes I want to try a few makes and models to get a feel for them before I commit.

So anyone on here from this area that can reccomend a local shop that has a good stock of road bikes?

So far I have only been able to ride one bike that was the wrong size for me :roll:

Cheers :)


  • woody-som
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    Soanes Cycles
    Swan Cycle Works
    Queen Square
    EX24 6JX

    usually have a nice range, but I've not been in there for over a year.

    For a really large choice to try, then Tri UK in Yeovil, bit far perhaps, but take a look at the website, Plenty more in store, and if you really want to try a bike, then may be worth the trip.

    never been to this store, but I hear they are big

    The Bike Shed Exeter
    Pickwick Arcade
    163 Fore Street
    EX4 3AT
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    You could try Richard's Bikes on (I think..) Pinhoe Road in Exeter, never actually bought anything in there mind. The Bike Shed are also quite good as far as I remember. Whatever you do avoid Partridge Cycles in Kenton just off the A380, not the greatest stock of road bikes, more shiny cheap MTBs for kids. Doin't think you can go wrong with the first two tho. And if you really fancy a trip, Braking Wind in Dawlish are pretty small, but very friendly.
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    Richard's is full of roadie goodness - some lovely Italian delicacies in there. Round here he's the place I'd go to for road-specific stuff. 01392 279688

    Bike Shed have a good broad range for all sorts of bikes, they're the area's best all-purpose LBS.

    Both should fettle up a bike for you to test-ride.
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    Thanks Guys, looks like a trip to Richards is in order then. Not too far from me. :)