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New bike is it decent??

jammie654jammie654 Posts: 10
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hi all

i just got myself a saracen raw 3 as my 1st serious bike.

i got a freee upgrade to a swinger 4 way shock cos my old one just sorta collapsed lol

is it a decent bike??


  • bullcrossbullcross Posts: 274
    depends what u want to use if for :wink:
    focus superbud
  • Nickle1988Nickle1988 Posts: 51
    Ok sorry but im gonna be brutally honest. The bike is to heavy for XC. The pivots in the frame are not gonna take to much all mountain. The forks are a cross country fork so they aint gonna take downhill. Well done with the shock upgrade though really good shock and could transfer to bikes for life the shock is very reliable. One advantage of having such a bike for a first bike is that when you come to buy your next bike youll have the experience to know what to look for and your skils you learn on the saracen wil transfer really well to your next bike. Working at my local lbs the one thing to keep an eye on is the frame pivots and just keep an eye on the hubs for play. Sorry to put a downer on things but enjoy you riding.
    the only was to push your limits is to overstep then now and then
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