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Are these bikes any good I have been offered one with a Veloce group fro £450. The model is 2006.


  • acorn_user
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    I've seen some, and they look decent. They are imported by Rj Chicken and sons. Price is excellent for a new bike. Veloce is a nice group.
  • fluff.
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    I have a CK7 as a commuter and light tourer, not the lightest thing in the world but not had any problems with it, other than the supplied Tektro brake pads were a bit rubbish.
  • Bronzie
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    I've got a CK7 (Audax geometry) frame and forks which I use as a Winter bike - I did have a problem with the original forks after 2 years - the carbon leg on one side started de-bonding from the alloy fork crown - which could have been nasty if I hadn't spotted it :shock:

    Chickens replaced the forks for me, even though they were out of 1-year warranty (but then I know someone who works there!).

    They are good value, but as the saying goes...............you get what you pay for.