Should there be a notch in the steering?

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I just got back from the day's ride, and as I thought that the steering was feeling a bit reluctant, I thought I'd check that the cables weren't binding or anything. Instead, it seems like there is a notch in the steering, dead ahead, so much so that it self-centres easily from a few degrees out either way.

I don't remember this being there before, so I'm wondering whether this can be normal, or whether this is wear, or something that needs adjustment. The bike's a year and 1,500 miles old, and the steering has never been stripped in that time. I've never hit anything, which could make a notch in the bearings, I guess.


  • Rich Hcp
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    Could be uneven wear in the bearing

    Giving it Large
  • fossyant
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    Bearings/race overtightened !
  • AndyGates
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    The bearings have worn that notch in the cups.

    Replace the headset.

    If you're a cheap-arse and are handy with tools, you could disassemble the headset, rotate the bearing surfaces 90 degrees, and reassemble.
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  • GeorgeShaw
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    Thanks peeps. Looks like a trip to the LBS.