What other training do you do?

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Does anyone do any other form of training? If so does it improve you cycling?

I've just this last couple of weeks started jogging then do interval sprints (set of ten) then jog home. I was told this will get your body fitter as you become used to doing the same excersise and become stagnant. Couldn't believe the pain last week, totally different muscles to cycling, this week no problems though.


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    I run once a week at our local track (my daughter's the athelete, I just shuffle round instead of sitting in the stands).
    As a kid I was a hopeless runner and thus never ran. I only started to run as part of Cardio-rehab after having an artery stented. Last week I did a PB...3 miles non-stop!
    It flipping hurts, even though I go weekly, every bit of extra effort results in big pain, whereas with cycling a big extra effort does not have the same lasting pain impact.
    Ran last Thursday and legs are still screaming!!!
    Good for CV system though and must be doing some good for muscle building.

    Also swim once a week during the winter when biking less. Again good for CV system and also core/upper body fitness compared to cycling and running which is more legs and lower back.

    In my view it all helps build and maintain general fitness and that's gotta be good for biking.

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  • Well, triathlon os ofetn regared as the toughest endurance sport, so try swimming and running aswell. But its only really good for training for triathlon, if you want to become a faster cyclist then ride a bike more often.

    That said, I'm about to go walking up Corn du, Pen y fan, Cribyn, and Fan y Big and back. 2 x 4 long intervals using the quads and glutes and calf muscles in much the same way as cycling (i.e. similar hip extension angles) although my cadence will be somewhat lower. each interval is about 20-30 minutes and I'll go as hard as I do on a TT. More fun the riding in the rain.
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    I go to the gym 4 times a week and do cardio and weights, there are a few fitness programs about that improve your cycling:-
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    I think cross training in all sports is advised, to strengthen and tone up muscles which get less used in the chosen main sport but which it is still important to have in adequate nick for best results in the main sport.

    I do duathlons so clearly also need to train my running, but I also think running is good for any cyclist since long runs train endurance from a mental or psychological viewpoint. Steady running also helps towards developing a regular, measured (albeit faster) cadence on the bike, and interval training helps the body learn regeneration, also needed on the bike having got up the climbs. Lastly, you learn from another angle how to cope with hydration.

    A lot of people also think training for downhill skiing helps with cycling, because many of the same muscles are used. You don’t have to then ski to benefit, just going to a ski gymnastics group in winter and doing the exercises under supervision suffices.

    An organised ski gymnastics programme will normally include ‘circuit training’, but you could also do this alone or with a mate in a gym. Circuit training is considered very appropriate for toning and developing aerobic endurance, so also good as part of cross training for cycling.
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    i throw the odd weight around also a litle cardio some jogging this year is the process of moving from weight building to weight loosing and going more for athleticism as opposed to all out muscle
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    I've been doing some in-line skating - inline speed skates are scary-fast and probably are the closest in terms of excercising your cycling muscles - your quads and core muscles get a real work out. Because of other commitments, a niggling foot injury I've found it harder to get some quality time on the bike, but an hour on the skates at 20mph is pretty tough. Luckily, I've got a 1-mile traffic-free tarmac circuit nearby, and apart from the pine-cones, and other cyclists, get it all to myself.
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    weight training, football training and the odd bit of running.