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New rider need help lol RIDING PACK???

jammie654jammie654 Posts: 10
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hi there ive been riding for a few months now and ive got a full susser hydraulics discs and i nedd help with a riding pack....

could you help me with what things i will need or would be good to have and also a good backpack to use as my riding pack



  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    A hydro pack makes sense, so you can store liquid. There are a few threads on items to take too. Do you have a local dectahlon? Some good deals on the basics.
  • jammie654jammie654 Posts: 10
    ok do you reccomend 1??

    i dont know about the decathalon

    do you know where abouts the topics are about stuff to take??
  • Big n DaftBig n Daft Posts: 418
    1.5 ltr Hydro packs are under a tenner in Tesco's....

    Enough room in them to take a few bits with you too.

    I would say,

    Spare tubes or a puncture kit, tyre levers, bike multi tool, Pump or inflator.

    Small first aid kit (plasters, antiseptic wipes, one of them foil blanket thingys and a triangular bandage just in case you have a bad off)

    Mobile phone (if things get really bad, you can call for help or if totally lost and injured you can be tracked with it)

    Some energy bars or easily transportable foodstuff, again just in case you are out longer than you think.

    Thats about all i can think of.
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  • jammie654jammie654 Posts: 10
    thanks a lot. ive seen a lot of berghaus packs that enduor rider use are these any good??and other backpacks that you would recommend

    also just won 203mm juicy 7s on ebay for £65. i no they are to big but i will keep them on just now lol
  • guillianoguilliano Posts: 5,495
    Buy some smaller rotors and the correct adaptor to take the brakes down to either 185 or 160mm.

    As for the pack......

    Multi tool
    Spare tube(s)
    Tyre levers
    Flapjacks (energy bars are too small and expensive)
    Drink (so hydropack instead of standard rucksack)
    Spare powerlinks
    Waterproof (depending on weather)
    Small first aid kit (still not got one myself yet)

    Think that covers everything
  • jammie654jammie654 Posts: 10
    thanks a lot guys. what do u think ive got a saracen raw 3 with manitiou swinger 4 way(free upgrade) juicy 7 203mm rotors but geting 165 or 180 for the rear, manitiou slate forks and dmr v8s.

    if anyone has any other tips or things about riding please just post them so i can leran thanks
  • x-islex-isle Posts: 794
    Just a quick question concerning taking a spare Powerlink.......

    I've got a PC991 Hollowpin, obviously with a Powerlink fitted.

    I have a spare Powerlink, but never take it with me, this is the reason.

    If my chain snaps, then before I fit a power link, I have to remove the pin at the broken section before fitting the Powerlink. This means that I require the chainsplitter to remove the pin, then I can simply remove the broken link and reconnect the chain using the splitter.

    I'm assuming that if I had a spare Powerlink with me, I would then end up with the same length chain as the Power link would replace the broken link.

    So, what I'm trying to tell myself is that I should have a Powerlink AND a chainsplitter in my pack!??!???
    Craig Rogers
  • RockhopperRockhopper Posts: 503
    Yes, and a few spare chain links.
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