anyone doing the P*P?

zoomcp Posts: 975
a little 1228km in France?
got my number a few days ago; going for the 90 hr start but would quite like to arrive back in 85-88 hrs (as I might lose a few more bits of my anatomy otherwise). My first and only time; absolutely wetting myself :shock:


  • overmars
    overmars Posts: 430
    1228km? :shock: Geez. Sounds like a suffer fest'!

    Good luck! :)
  • Gavin Gilbert
    Gavin Gilbert Posts: 4,019
    Relax, it's a stroll - the sufferfest was the qualifying.

    Just remember the 2 golden rules:

    1) don't drink any of the water the kids hand out from the roadside (the coffee is fine 'lo)

    2) if you're about to fall asleep for Gords Sake get of the bike and take a 5 minute catnap in the verge, otherwise that's where you'll wake up anyway with a few dents in you.

    Good luck - not that you'll need it 8)
  • zoomcp
    zoomcp Posts: 975
    Thanks Gavin; looking forward to it having seen a map of the route; Loudeiac is almost half way