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Hi Guys this is my first post and just like to say hi. Im getting a new road bike to replace my old one, i have about £500 to spend i have trawled the net and the best thing i seem to be able to find is the giant scr ltd that retails for £650 and is on sale for £473.99 : ... cts_id=620

That is the cheapest i can find it. Spec wise it looks very nice, is there any other bikes i should be looking at for good value? Thanks for any advice received.


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    The Giant OCR is okay. You might also find you can get a Spezialised Allez Elite for that price nowadays, or a Sunn Radius or Decathlon R 9.2, all about the same value for money.
    Of more recent bikes of at least that quality, you might be able to get (for similar price, if on offer) a Carver Distaco 600, or a Poison Cyanit Xn.
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    I paid £599 for an Allez Sport Triple, a £130 reduction, from my LBS

    Pop down your local and see what deals are around

    Giving it Large
  • Due to this lovely summer we are having i'd be more tempted to go for this: ... BBXRIB0598

    £80 cheaper so you can spend more on new kit and it comes with mudguards!