Thantos Posts: 533
Purely out of interest, how much more money does Future get for the advertising on this site compared to the original individual sites?
This isn't a dig at Future or the way things have gone. I like what this forum is turning into.


  • Gavin Weeks
    Gavin Weeks Posts: 321
    We won't know until christmas at the next Future Forum, but we will have another site to take into account at that time too (not biking).
  • Sheepish
    Sheepish Posts: 93
    This may seem a fairly stupid question:

    How will you get more profit of one site than all the separate ones? I would imagine it is fairly similar, does more come from the non forum side as well? As that is alot more advanced than the old sites (and surely offers publicity for manufacturers/stores etc. it's the only reason i can think of...
    Uncooked Prawn
  • Gavin Weeks
    Gavin Weeks Posts: 321
    Luckily this site has more potential for advertisers, not just traffic but with featured brands, products etc. But to be honest I think the adverts are quite well placed for users, i.e not like a lot of sites that force a pop up, overlay or even page redirects to their advertisers. There are far more diverse areas, sections and subjects for advertisers to get on board with. Which the previous sites did not have. :)