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Spanner for fixed

cannonfoddercannonfodder Posts: 183
edited July 2007 in Road general
If you are running track nuts on your fixed - what kind/brand of spanner do people usually carry in case of a flat? i.e. I don't want to carry around a massive adjustable in my back pocket.

I'm awaiting delivery of my first fixed and hadn't thought about this before......


  • kilokilo Posts: 174
    A Draper 15mm open ended spanner, bought from a proper hardware shop. Small enough to fit in a saddle pack but sufficiently strong. Anything cheap is bound to bend / break just when you need it.
  • smiorgansmiorgan Posts: 195
    I have a normal sized 15mm draper ring spanner. More leverage, also I once chewed up a track nut using an open ended one (whoops)

    A bit big for a wedge type bag but I just stick it in my jersey, nice and light
  • wasiwasi Posts: 109
  • cannonfoddercannonfodder Posts: 183
    Thanks for your answers, guys, there are some good options there
  • Draper 15mm stubby cobination spanner.
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  • GreenbankGreenbank Posts: 731
    Small adjustable spanner (about 6" long) which fits in the saddlepack.

    It's marked '150mm HEAVY DUTY' on one side and '6" DROP FORGED' on the other.

    Not particularly light but it's almost nothing in comparison to me.
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  • graham_ggraham_g Posts: 652
    One I robbed from the old man's motorbike tool box - 15mm one side for the track nuts and 14mm the other for the pitlock skewer key; ideal.
  • AndyGatesAndyGates Posts: 8,467
    An old Campag track nut spanner. Thing of beauty.
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  • cchapmancchapman Posts: 545
    I would never use an adjustable spanner on a nut which requires any sort of force. One used to be able to get special 1/4 * 5/16 spanners for axle nuts but I use a 15mm ring spanner now. Usually they're good quality because they are rarely used - car nuts seem to jump from 14mm to 17mm.
  • Adrian WaineAdrian Waine Posts: 284
    I bought a Teng Tools 15mm short series combi spanner. It's about 110mm long so is really compact, but OK for nuts as long as they aren't stupid tight. You may have to go to a tool suppliers for it - or try the internet.
    Adrian W.
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