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middlamiddla Posts: 7
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Just tyring to pick everybody brains, im new to this game.

Have been looking to get some new tires for my bike, been looking at threads reading reviews, by the looks of what ive seen most poeple recomend the Maxxis High rollers, but they have also said that they aint too great cornering in the mud.
With the great british summer that we are having, im hitting lots of quite deep mud and my bike keeps sliding, can anybody recomend good tires for cutting through the mud!

Quite impressed with my second post :D


  • dcp1975dcp1975 Posts: 739
    Panaracer Trailrakers have a look on Merlin they do the cheapest tyres on the net.
  • S_J_PS_J_P Posts: 908
    British summer mud is great, it's not usually too deep or sticky, so you shouldn't need an out and out mud tyre.

    If yours is like this, then try Panaracer Cinders. The open blocks are reasonable in the mud (much better than the Fire XC Pro!), whilst also being very good in dry and dusty conditions.
  • al_yrpalal_yrpal Posts: 102
    Got Cinders for this summer, and in the winter will swop the back one for a Trailraker. The Trailraker is the best mud tyre out but has a high rolling resistance and feels like glue on the back wheel. With a bit of mud like now Cinders are a really good compromise

  • middlamiddla Posts: 7
    Cheers for the info, had a look on merlin havent heard of them before just checked them out good little site! havent read much about panaracer nice to get more info!
  • JoeyJoey Posts: 18
    I ride every weekend in mud, water, snow, ice, and even sometimes dry dust..!
    I've been riding with Michelin DH16's on the bike for ages and even in thick mud they hold up well. I don't slip that much, and I do recommend them more that a maxxis tyre... they are worth considering.
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  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,609
    Panaracer cinders are best as year round tyres (at least where I ride - Lancs & Lakes).
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