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Claud Butler New Allrounder gear hanger probs?

bolyboly Posts: 71
edited July 2007 in Road general
Just managed to track down an NOS Simplex rear mech to fit on the simplex hanger of the CB but having fitted it, its a good 1/2 inch skewed out of alignment with the front chainwheel. Judging by the shape and configuration of the really strong and thick rear dropout/hanger build, I can't imagine that it has been bent - if it had been then the bottom leg of the dropout would be similarly twisted - but it isnt. Has anybody out there ever come across similar probs with this model - I'm baffled! I'm tempted to try an unsubtle bend with a big shfiter but it is sure to bend the bottom leg of the dropout no matter how much I reinforce it..Having finally found the proper mech and period shifters I'd like to use them. I'll post pictures very soon Thanks Bob :(
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