Fork lamp boses and lights

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I have a Mercian Strada the forks have lamp bosses I was thinking that some bright spark may have invented a modern light wieght battery lamp that screws into the bosses. Does anyone know of such a thing? I have seen some lovely looking designs randonneurs but nothing strangely enough for the fron fork. I also have an option of rear lights on the rear stays where you can attach a rack if you wish to.

Any help much appreciated Gary.


  • boly
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    Hi Gary, Sorry, cant supply an answer but if you come up with something, would you give me a shout, I'm looking for the same thing
    NB Thought you'd be over on the CycleChat forum with all the others - pity no special interest section
  • GaryGkn
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    Hi Boly if I make any discoveries I will post them up and let you know. I will check out cycle chat but I am unsure of what it is I am just getting used th the change over to BikeRadar from Cyclingplus.

    Cheers Gary
  • Fixed Wheelnut
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    My old Falcon had a light boss on the forks, I cut down an old piece of handlebar about three inches long and bolted it to the fork with a long M8 x 1.5mm threade bolt [usually 13mm spanner size then I could mount conventional lights to it no problem :D
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    The Busch & Muller AXON has an option for a fork bracket mount.
    I'm using it on a cantilever brake boss, because it's designed for a V-brake and doesn't fit around a conventional cantilever.
    See for details & photos.
    I use it with 2500mAh NiMH batteries, & I don't really know what the battery life is as it's never run down before I recharged it. More than 3 hours.

    Light level is OK for commuting, wouldn't try mountain-biking on it. About the same as a halogen hub-dyno system, much better than a Cateye EL500.
  • GaryGkn
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    Well it looks like I need to to have a more creative approach. The the fork bracket mount is something extra that I have never seen so thank you for that BXP I may take up that option on a different machine. The Falcon fix seems like the best option at the moment unless something more tailored and specific is out there. I don't want my bike to become to Heath Robinson but it would be good to use the lamp bosses. Thank you Fixed Wheelnut.