Cash For Honours

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After 16 months of investigation the CPS decided that there will be no prosecutions in the Cash For Honours probe.


  • ddraver
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    sounds similar to the whole Iraq/david kelly thing to me...........

    and we all know that was just a farce
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  • on the road
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    Everyone knew there would be no charges, so why did they continue with the investigation? A waste of public money.
  • Melvil
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    What I am amused by are the constant reports by labour peeps and media sympathisers that, because of the investigation, Blair has been 'attacked' 'wounded' 'forced from office' - very physical terminology don't you think?
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    I respect John (legs) Yates, the Deputy Commissioner who carried out this enquiry; he is a very able and fanatic cyclist too!

    Lord Levy is an oily cashpoint fund fixer. Bliar comes out clean, he thinks, whilst all political parties are now revealed as being bankrupt, in terms of morality,as well as cash!

    The bitter pill to swallow (or spit out) is that more state funding (your money and mine) will be sought to fund political campaigning.

    Keep in mind here as an example that Jack Straw, David Blunkett and many others have lived off the taxpayer for 30+ years of more; and they still wonder why the general public don't trust politicians.
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    Another glorious victory for the PPS!
    I wonder if their Director will be on the New Year Honours List? :wink:
    Doubtless this will now be used as a reason for all political parties (Except ones that aren't instep with the EU) to receive funding from the public purse.
    A bunch of liers, cheats & swindlers the bloody lot of them!
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  • Yorkshireman
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    It doesn't say they were innocent ... It says that the slippery, twisting and turning, two-faced slime-balls weren't guilty on the evidence available (or not enough to give 'em a right old slapping). There again, it's politicians and the CPS ... so no surprises then :evil:
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    Fortunately it was a completely independant inquiry - Could have been nasty otherwise...
    This is exactly what you get when one party is so dominant in the House - the Opposition just cant force any degree of openness.

    For decent standards in government you cant beat a hung Parliament

    Now there's an idea :lol::lol:
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    so what can I get for a quid??

    OBE MBE????

  • on the road
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    Maybe a BOGOF :lol:
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    I predict a knighthood for the head of the CPS
  • Brains
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    I can't see what the problem is

    Lord Brains
  • the Criminal Protection Service were never going to bring any charges, there were too many "names" and titles involved.they may have got off ,but as has been said above it doesn't mean they were innocent.