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Hi, probaly off topic for most hard core cyclists but I started triathlon's 2 years ago and have become hooked, I was a runner before hand so had to learn how to ride (and buy) a road bike and swim (I have also done off road events in the Winter) I'm still amazed at you road guys you just leave me standing even when I'm full on, hats off. But my question if you are prepared to share the secret is how do you do it? I know time in the saddle but there has to be more.

Apart from the any chance of some tri coverage on this great site. Anything that brings the community of athletes, both those starting out and generally people trying to get cycling recognised is a positive, I reckon every training ride I do I get close to being knocked off at least twice. I did a recce' of my next trathon which is this Sunday earlier today and at one of the junctions was a major tail back, the cause? A cyclist had been run over, I rest my case!

More coverage of triathlons or at least a link, hey Future how about a Triathlon Mag? 220 is good but competition and a new appeoach is always healthy!


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    I occassionally do local mini triathlons and I found that training in the Pyrenees last year fantastically improved my performance. Whether on a road bike or a mountain bike an 1800m climb in the heat does wonders for the legs.
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    Get a fixie for winter training mate :)

    (Not that I can really talk, my swim legs have been likened to jellyfish drifting in the currents...)
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