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Gear adjustment following cassette replacement

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Swapped,an SRAM PG950 for a new XT casssette and a new PC991 chain.Gears which changed OK before,are now not indexing properly.Is this normal?

Thought the dimensions of both cassettes would be the same,so this would be unecessary?
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  • Although it's true that both are 9-speed cassettes, it's not unusual to end up a little bit out on the adjustment. Half a mil will make a difference. You should re-set your top and bottom limit stops and then adjust the indexing according to the Shimano instructions. Write back if you need more.

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    as the android says it is offten needed and there is not guaranteed start position for the cogs as they as a slide on fit and a lot depends on the hubs. but if you replaced sram with sram or you do shimano shaimano next time there should be no need to re index.
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