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Specialized Carbon Bar Ends for Carbon Handlebar

JonBurnsJonBurns Posts: 212
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Hi guys,

I've got a mate who has specialized carbon handlebars and has recently bought the specialized carbon bar ends.

The only problem is that to put the bar ends on the handle bar it seems he needs a special bar end plug so as not to crush the carbon handlebar. (NOTE: Specialized CNC Alloy Bar End Plugs (2115-1030) are required with carbon bars.)

He's looked all over the place for one but can't seem to find one anywhere (other than germany).

Has anyone else had the same problem and know how to get round it.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    ok you have just been searching on the net?

    try calling a spesh shop. might be to order or they just dont put it on the web.
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  • I can't say for 100% certanty, but the point of cnc'd metal bar plugs over the plastic plugs is that they renforce the bar ends to stop them from being crushed when you clamp bar ends on. To this end any make of cnc'd aluminium or titanum bar plugs should be suitable, not just Specailzed's own brand.

    Hope do machined aluminium bar plugs, which should do the job. ... 5300005122
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