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I've recently bought a Focus Cayo Expert. My home contents insurence covers it if it is stolen from home but only covers it up to £500 if it is damaged whilst I'm out on the road.

Can anyone suggest where I can get full cover at a reasonable price?

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  • byegad
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    Hi Beckenham,
    I'm afraid insurance won't be cheap. I've £7k worth of bikes all covered???? by my house insurance new for old at around £10/year. BUT only covered for theft.
    Typical, proper, insurance rates seem to be around 10% of purchase price. As I'm unlikely to lose or crash all the bikes at once (you should see the shackles and locks I use when they're parked) I assume I can use the £700 I'm saving each year to replace/repair any loss or damage. So far I could replace 50% of them on money saved in last the 6yrs! Not 5yrs because one years worth of saving got spent on locks.
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    Pavilion do a good policy. Easily found on net. Good site and cust service. Others about. Root around.

    Yes the price for a comprehensive policy is about 10% of bike, but you are covered for everything - including theft as long as you use an approved lock.

    Also includes 3rd party insurance. I am very careful rider but we can all make mistakes and 15stone of piglit at full tilt is going to damage anything it hits. Reponsibility and liability are closely related.

    There's monthly payement option available by Direct Debit. Easy.

    Well worth the peace of mind IMO.

    House policy inclusions for anything specialist are not good.

    Hope this helps.
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    A familiar request.

    E&L do a good bike insurance scheme, but you need to have one of their approved locks when your bike is parked up.

    CycleInsurance is also another that you might want to have a look at.

    Personally, I went with E&L as they had the lowest premium for my No1 bike.

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  • hi
    i have cover with CIS (COOP) it is a new for old policy (prestige cover as its called) and covers any bike upto 40,000 this is covered on the household policy or they do cycle insurance for about 44.00 covering any bike and no limit for replacement there is a 50 excess fee hope this helps
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    When your house insurance comes up for renewal have a look at Marks and Spencer. Covers individual items up to £4000 and premiums were OK. Had dealings with them last night when I drilled a hole in a central heating pipe :( They have been good so far.