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upgrading crankset

sahara_meeksahara_meek Posts: 9
edited July 2007 in MTB workshop & tech
when i upgrade my crank should i try to find the same tooth pattern? i currently have 42, 32, 22. should i look for the same or does it really matter?


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    that is a standard set of numbers. if you keep with it you should leave the mechs the same with no adjustment. but it is more likely that the big ring will be 44 so the front mech will need adjusting.
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  • stu8975stu8975 Posts: 1,334
    Before you go and spend your money, i would check your chain and cassette and make sure that they dont need replacing aswell,how old is the bike, have you ever changed any part of the drivetrain? if it is worn badly and you put a new chainset on you will probably have to replace the cassette and chain otherwise you will encounter chain slippage.
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