different saddle = better performance?

in the wire
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Just changed a thin roadie saddle for something a bit more comfy.

It is a bit wider and suits my frame a bit better. I don't know if it is my imagination, but I was pedalling noticeably faster on my first run out with it. I actually didn't notice the comfort factor because of this.

I'm guessing it's a couple of things:

-The saddle is supporting me better allowing me to move my legs more naturally.
-The extra padding is lifting me a tinsy bit, allowing more downforce.

It is possible for a good fitting saddle to affect performance so much, and if so, why don't we read more about saddle fitting like we do for frame sizing?


  • Fab Foodie
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    I think it's possible...if your not sitting comfortably then some energy will be used in keeping yourself comfortable. When the saddle is good, then all your weight will rest on the saddle leaving your legs to do the work of propulsion.

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  • Bronzie
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    .................although when you are absolutely charging on a road bike, "on the rivet" as the old saying went (because old saddles had a rivet on the nose), you tend to pull yourself forward and hardly sit on the saddle at all.............just perch on the tip of the nose...........a lot of your weight is through your legs pushing on the pedals.