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Should i take a saddle bag on all my rides?
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  • rohloff-rich
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    Up to you my friend!

    Depends what kind of kit you usually take / how long you ride for / how much stuff you can get in your jersey pockets and still be comfortable (assuming your jersy has pockets, and assuming it isn't dragging on your rear wheel with your stuff in it!).

    I take a saddle bag with a tube, levers and multitool, then put CO2 pump (with spare cartridge), 2nd tube, nutrition and arm warmers (if needed) in my jersey - I think that is still overkill, but I don't like big saddle bags.
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  • powenb
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    I use a DHB saddle bag, and wont ride without it.
    In the bag I put multi-tool, puncture repair kit, co2 pump, then keys and phone.
    In my jersey, I have tube and pump (although both will fit in the bag at a push) arm warmers or waterproof, and food.

    I wont leave home without it!!!
  • Rich Hcp
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    I've got a very small saddle bag for a pair of allen keys, levers and tube.

    It's just there, you get used to it.

    I'm not over the moon about carrying a water bottle and mini pump on the frame, but for rides of more than an hour the kit is essential for peace of mind.

    So I may get a Camelbak and have a naked frame.

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