Cheap first road bike: Dawes?

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I've got a very small budget (sub £400) and am looking for a beginner's road bike (moving up from a hybrid). My LBS is keen on the Dawes Giro 400 at £360. I've been through the threads here and have only found one mention of it? Does anybody think it's decent? Will I find myself craving something else within 6 months? Any other suggestions?

I'm 6'2" with 35" inside leg. Seems to me that I'd need a 58cm frame, but the man says the 55cm Dawes will do me well (at least until I decide to upgrade). I've also scoured the web for cheap deals on Trek 1000, Spec Allez and Giant SCR3 but nobody's got my size on an offer that I can afford.



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    you can still get the giant scr 3.0 in a 58.5 cm size at for £350 which according to the scr sizing chart should be ok for your height.
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    Go for it!

    For the price it's a fine starter machine, solid and reliable components.
    Will take full mudguards as well so great for all year round use.
    I don't recall any complaints about the Dawes Giro range in fact much praise as IIRC many use them as commuting steeds.

    As for size, try before you buy.

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    Spez are bringing out the 2008 models this month.

    I got £130 off list for my Allez Sport, it's a 54cm frame, there were no Allez left in that size.

    But there may be in a 58.

    This was at my LBS who is an autherised dealer.

    Check the Spez website and ring the nearest dealer, you never know, you may get one for £400

    If not, nothing wrong with a Dawes

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    Went to another LBS and picked up a 2007 Trek 1000 for under 400 smackers! A slightly larger frame but my gangly legs and arms found it v comfy.

    Thanks all for help and advice. I'm a very happy owner of two bikes.
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    I've just bought a Carrera bike from halfords to use as when it's dirty outside as it has the same kit on it as a £500 Trek or Spesh, and it was reduced to £300 and I got it £280.
    Yes it's heavier but it's is a fine ride, and I can't complain.
    Great deal.
  • Seriously wouldnt go for a dawes my friend had one and warranty was bad :cry: The LBS had to sort it off their own back.