Specialized Allez Elite

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I'm an MTBer who (like a lot of other folk at this time of year, I suspect) is seriously contemplating a road bike. I like long days in the saddle rather than racing, so I'm looking at sportive style geometries.

I can't afford a Specialized Roubaix, but the geometry of the Allez looks quite compact, even though it's biiled more as a racer. The bars seem fairly high, and the top tube doesn't seem too stretched. That £850 mark is really my top end.

Anybody ride one? Is it comfy for all day rides?

Many thanks in advance.


  • Rich Hcp
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    I was an MTBer and still am!

    I've just got an Allez Sport Triple,which I really love.

    The geometry is not too extreme and an easy cross over from an MTB.

    The Sport has Tiagra groupset and the same frame etc as the Elite, just the wheels and 105 groupset are the major upgrades.

    I got a good deal on mine through my LBS, who is an aur=therised dealer, so you never know. (I paid £599 instead of £730


    Giving it Large
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    I have a 2004-model base Allez and a 2006 Roubaix Comp

    I did several centuries and a couple of sportives quite happily on the Allez before I bought the Roubaix, now the Allez is the 2nd/winter/wet weather/commuter bike and the Roubaix for 'best' and sportives.

    They're set-up the same, near as dammit, measuring every saddle/bars/bottom bracket dimension I could think of, so the riding position can be made very much the same.

    The Allez has a fairly long headtube in contrast to say a Trek 1000/1200/1400 which is its direct competitor, and out-of-the-box has lots of spacers including a big conical thing, so you can get the front end up higher if you want a little less radical all-day riding position.
    Which might help, if you're approaching it from a MTB

    The Roubaix is definitely more compliant and vibration/buzz damping, particularly at the back end, even though my Allez has a Pave Zertz seatpost.
    - thus the Roubaix is definietly a better, more comfortable and less tiring long-distance ride : although probably both will feel very buzzy to you, with skinny road tyres rather than your big knobblies !

    The rear triangle is longer on the Roubaix which makes it a tiny bit slower-handling and more stable and as a result the Allez actually feels faster, more twitchy, although comparative times over the same route are about the same - hopefully though (since it's a grand extra !) the Roubaix would be quicker over a long distance or hilly route as it's less tiring and lighter.

    This year's Allez Elite looks bloody good in Gerolsteiner colours...
    (Bike Shak in Altrincham have one in the window with a sticker saying £100 or something off, if you're in the NorthWest)
  • andy_wrx
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    Actually, another thought.

    If the Allez comes with 53/39 x 12-23, it'll be way overgeared for sportives.
    You really need a triple or a compact...
  • keith-a
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    Thanks for the good advice, I think I'm gonna try out the Allez and a Giant SCR.

    And the Allez with triple chainrings is on sale, and looking gorgeous :)
  • monnet
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    I've always been a roadie and this year it was time to get a new bike. After looking round a few places I eventually settled on the Allez Elite triple (in gerlosteiner colours). I'd not even considered Specialized before I started looking but don't regret it for a minute. The Elite is well worth the money.

    The 2007 model which I've got is now eing sold off cheap as the 2008 stock comes in. I've seen it in a few places with about £150 off. I can't remember where, possibly Evans.

    A word of warning though. While the bike is great value, very comfortable, great spec etc., you might want to change the brakes. On mine they are not part of the 105 groupset but Specialized copies. The problems are that they frequently run out of line and so need adjusting, which is done with a ludicrously thin Allen key. Consequently I've put a pair of Ultegra's on mine as the keep their position and are easy to adjust when they don't.
  • MrKawamura
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    I test rode the 2007 Allez Elite - was beyond my budget, so was just trying for size - I actually bought the basic Allez. The Elite with its Zertz was a smoother, more sumptuous ride, so considering that I'm perfectly comfortable on the basic Allez, I'd imagine the Elite would be very nice for long day rides.
  • andy_wrx
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    From another post, I see
    are selling Elites at £699, base Allez at £399

    Obviously it's that time of year when the 2007 models are being sold off at discount before the 2008s come in
  • keith-a
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    Managed to test ride the Allez Elite and a Giant SCR this afternoon at Dales in Glasgow, and liked the Allez so much I put down a deposit. Hopefully getting it in my size (I size tested a lower model) next Sunday. Delighted.

    The Gerolsteiner colours are gorgeous. :oops:
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    Just like Andy I have an Allez and Roubiax comp (same, winter/summer split). The biggest difference I found is obviously the weight difference, but after swapping the Allez groupset for all 105, inc wheels the difference is amazing. The bb weighs a ton compared to the hollow tech! I enjoy riding my Allez as much as the Roubiax. The only other thing I'd suggest to do is maybe change the bar tape to a thinner type, I have just cork on the Roubaix and the bar phat on the Allez and the bar phat does feel a bit spongy now.