Bike Security When Camping?

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Have a holiday under canvas planned for middle of August, and current thinking is to take 3 mountain bikes (no room for my road bike alas!). Mine is an old clunker, but the other 2 are ok bikes - any suggestions for keeping them secure on the site as we have to make a couple of day trips out during the week?

I was going to chain and shackle them all together to make things hard - but the tent frame is hardly a secure thing to chain to. They can go in the car overnight.

Not having been camping in many years - what is the current best practice here? All ideas gratefully considered.
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  • dazzawazza
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    Chain them to a large tree.
    Will stop villans without bolt cutters or chainsaw.
  • jibi
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    You could try asking the site owners if they have a room/shed/garage where you could leave them.

  • Ticaboy
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    Try an SAS spiral ground anchor: ... nchor.html

    Not sure how, but they are Sold Secure Gold. Coupled with a SSG Chain, the set-up makes for a pretty impressive solution.

    I bought one for a recent trip to Peak District, and they are easy to install. The b*gger is getting it back out of the ground. Just make sure you have a long enough bar to give the extra "purchase" else it's tough going.
  • Rich Hcp
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    Chain them together during the day. When you are on site.

    Put them in the tent and chain them together if you are in the car

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