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Ipswich area

ljayljay Posts: 21
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Anyone know of any good rides, clubs etc in the ipswich/felixstowe area?


  • hi there,

    lived in ipswich for a couple of years, pretty stark on the riding front, but if you can get out to woodbridge or to just under the orwell bridge theres some nice riding. Pop int waterstones and get a OS map - remeber tlegally not to use the public footpath and you find some good routes
  • LJAY,

    The handiest rides to ipswich are the coastal forests east of Woodbridge. Rendlesham & Tunstall Forests have a few secrets - singletrack with a bit more up and down action than Thetford, and a sprinkling of carpentry thrown in if you can find it.

    Some regulars go out on Tuesday evenings - I'll be out on Sat pm 'discouraging' the bracken and sweeping pine needles off the trail.

    I believe a Trail Development Group for the area is in its infancy... anyone out there that can offer an update?
    The man in the shop said i'd be able to ride it up hills...
  • ljayljay Posts: 21
    Cool, do you know where everybody meets and a rough time. Definetley up for it.
  • We normally see the tuesday guys from about 6:30 - 7:00.

    Get to Tunstall village and follow the B1028 eastwards towards Orford look for FR24 (LHS) & 25 (RHS) signs and park up.

    Gallons of insect repellant advisable... you have been warned!
    The man in the shop said i'd be able to ride it up hills...
  • ljayljay Posts: 21
    Excellent, hopefully see ya there..... silver stumpie with whiteish tyres
  • Dan67Dan67 Posts: 658
    What are the trails at tunstall compared to thetford like?
  • ljayljay Posts: 21
    Not sure what the ones in thetford are like. The only time ive been there was for go ape. But willl hopefully give the tunstall ones a rating after tonight, although to be honest i'll probably rate them quite high as anythings better than the amount of tarmac ive been riding on lately!!!
  • Imho Tunstall has greater potential than Thetford, but is a long way behind in terms of development. To sum up...

    1. Same style of singletrack - created by the enduro crowd
    2. More inclines/declines
    3. Hidden Woodwork
    4. Too much bracken
    5. Less Riders
    6. No cake shop
    The man in the shop said i'd be able to ride it up hills...
  • ljayljay Posts: 21
    What no cake shop!!!!!
    I've just been to tesco.....if'd i'd known i'd have bought a bag of doughnuts!!!
  • I dIdn't see any tyre tracks last night - did the lack of Cake Shop prove decisive?

    We parked in FR26 (18:30 - 20:00) and scouted around for you.
    The man in the shop said i'd be able to ride it up hills...
  • ljayljay Posts: 21
    No i was there. Was in 24 or 25, which ever is on the left hand side of the road (from tunstall ). Have a black galant estate. I got there early about 5.45 so i could have a scout around. and left about 7.45 ish after not seeing a single sole apart from some off the lead dog which nearly ended up with me in a bush. See what u mean about the potential though. Just needs some work, altough probably better with people who know the best tracks to go down. . I did laugh after i took a nice single track through the trees only to end up crashing into thousands of plant things that had overgrown the track... must of looked like a trifid when i pulled my bike out there!!!!!
  • Next time around we'll use the wonderful power of organisation... FR26 was were a mate anchored, apologies.

    Just stumbled across it will prove to be helpful...

    The undergrowth has two uses - you can't see what you hit and when you hit something it cushions the fall

    Priceless tip - FR26, go approx 150/200 yds up track, look left, look right both entertain look for signs of a bracken massacre and your on the right trail. If you go right watch out for the 'camoflagued' jump at the bottom of the first hill
    The man in the shop said i'd be able to ride it up hills...
  • ljayljay Posts: 21
    yeah the undergrowth certainly cushioned my fall. Those trogs look alright, might have to have a trip up there tomorrow, depending how my dog does at the vet. He just had an operation on his cruciate ligament - £2500!!!!

    God what a bike i could have bought with that
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