Long ride Heart Rate?

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I have ridden 50 miles a few times before, but am riding 80 miles on saturday.
I reckon I will need some help to pace myself.
So what sort of HR should I try and stick to?



  • rohloff-rich
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    Very much depends on who you are and how fit really - for longer rides I tend to maintain 150 to 175, probably mainly at around 160bpm most of the time.
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  • Monty Dog
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    Within your aerobic threshold, so between 60-70% for a reasonable fit rider i.e.
    RHR+(0.6 * (MHR-RHR) where RHR = Resting Heart Rate & MHR = Maximum Heart Rate
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  • powenb
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    Going by what I normally use, 60% to 70% is about 115bpm to 135bpm.
  • sloboy
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    If you look again you'll see that Monty was talking about using the Karvonen approach of proportion of heart rate reserve (HRR) not of maximum heart rate.

    So 60% - 70% on that formula can't be 115-135 as that would imply an HRR of 200 and a resting heart rate of -5 !

    So for me with a resting rate about 50 and a max about 200, 60-70% would be 140 to 155.
  • Fab Foodie
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    Alternatively, ditch the HRM and just learn to ride at a comfortable pace?

    If you've done a few 50's then you'll have an idea what that pace is. If you're fuelling properly then 80 is no great shakes more than 50. If you can still talk and pedal you're going OK.

    I know I'm a luddite but I really don't think you should or need to use an HRM for an 80 mile ride...learn to listen to your body instead.

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  • powenb
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    Thanks for the responses.

    Cheers SLOBOY, I didn't quite get that one. i think mine would be about the same as that.

    And yes Fab I would ideally like to just ride at my own pace, but I have a tendency to get caught up in that long straight road and tend to give it some to feel the speed!!
    A quick beep from my HRM would just remind me to keep calm.