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I started cycling again earlier this year and after a close shave on sunday realised that I don't have any insurance in case of an accident. I'd be interested to hear whether people here have insurance, and if so, what it covers and the best places to buy it.

I understand that CTC offer cheap insurance. Is this any good? How does this compare to other organisations - for instance British Cycling or Sustrans? At present I am not a member of any cycling organisation.



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    CTC does do rider insurance as part of the membership.
    I am going with E&L for bike insurance however, they offer the cheapest premiums - provided that you have one of the "approved" locks.

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  • Cheapest way is to get household insurance with bike cover.

    I did this with the Co-op a few years ago. Whole of household insurance cost me about £230 ish. But i had 3 bikes (two worth just over £1,000) and wife's bike on it. If you get bikes insured independently it seems to cost about 10% of the value. So total cost of insuring bikes that way would have been about £300.

    Only problem is that there is a £1,000 limit per bike.

    When i claimed though for stolen bike originally bought for £770 7 years previously (and it had done about 8,000 commuting miles) they paid up no problem.
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    I have swapped to M&S household insurance they offer unlimited insurance on all items including bikes so no need to worry about the value and the cost was cheaper than my old renewal so I was even happier