What road bike for my son?

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My son who is 13 years old is desperate to ride with me and now that I've given in to his 'demands' I was wondering if there is any advice out there about which road bike would be most suitable. I think he has gone past the junior stage as he's quite tall for his age; he's about 5' 7" or 5' 8". Would a small adult bike be suitable? I did think about letting him have my Giant OCR3 but I'm far too attached to it!! I'm prepared to spend up to about £400.

Actually, I'm really proud of the fact that he wants to ride alongside me...!


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    hes about the same size as me and im 21... try him on a 53 or 54cm frame.
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    Madra, I'd be chuffed if my lad wanted to ride alongside me as well, but then he's only 17 months old. I'm getting him a Like-a-Bike pushalong, they look fantastic things and hopefully he'll take to cycling like a duck to water.

    As for your little lad, don't Specialized do kids bikes? I've seen some nifty mini-carbon frames around my neck of the woods as well, but I don't know if you could get one for £400 :?

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    I reckon hes too big for kids bikes!
    im 17 and im only 5,6!

    ive heard the Carrera's in halfords are good?
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    Don't forget to get him something far too big for him to 'grow into'...... or was that just my parents!

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    Thanks for all your advice peeps. I guess I'll just have to keep looking!
  • PhetPhan
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    i recommend the carrera vanquish
    its black and it looks the dogs bollocks
    down to £445 at the moment but an extra 10% off with a voucher on the back of kellogs cereal packets.
    they do them in small which i think is 48cm or there abouts.
    its pretty small anyway. teenager sizish.
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    I will second that the Carrera Vanquish 07 is an Excellent bike, i considered against the Giant scr3 and theSchwinn fastback and i test rode all of them, the Vanquish was much better for me with a better setup, prob not quite as light as the other 2 however we are only talking a few hundred grams or to the normal person an extra portion of treacle sponge and custard ! Not sure what wheels they have on as they dont appeared to be marked up but the rest of the bike is spot on and im sure your boy will be over the moon with one, by the way my local Halfords in doncaster had the bike priced wrongly and i got it for £399 so if you hunt aroud you may find the same.
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    Your not really looking at a small adult bike in that height either!!

    I'm 5'4" and was measured up properly as a small Giant SCR bike. Even tho he's only 13 he'll be able to take his pick of adult bikes without worry ofif they come in his size