• dannygcp
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    Both - if you can afford it!
  • Shanners
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    Personally I went for CTC. Amazing with its new routes and pages of touring info. etc. etc.
  • dannygcp
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    OK, if you have to choose it probably depends on why you want to be part of a cycling organisation.

    As Shanners points out the CTC offers really good membership services - e.g. cheap insurance, route information, discounts on bikes and parts. It does also campaign for better cycle facilities, but tends to do this at the level of CTC officers lobbying government for general improvements, rather than running campaigns that individual members can easily be part of.

    LCC is more of a campaigning organisation which also offers some membership services, and obviously has a specific focus on London.

    If your main interest is campaigning for better cycle facilities in London I'd join the LCC, whereas if you want access to good information on touring etc you would probably be better off with the CTC.
  • spasypaddy
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    who do CTC offer reduced insurance with? As this would be a major benefit to me and i can't find it on their website
  • The BIG GT
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    IIRC, LCC membership (about £30 per year) also gives you a decent level of legal cover (possibly useful on London roads!) and all reputable bike stores in the area will give you 10% off gear and accessories if you flash the membership card at the till! I've saved almost my membership in discounts over the last 2 years!!

    You get a two-monthly mag with lots of local ride info, articles and events. As it 'can' almost work out free (dependant on purchase discounts) you could still get both!?
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