BRIT CYCLOSPORTIVE: How was it for you?

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We're collecting anecdotes and images from this year's highest profile mass participation ride, the British Cyclosportive, that took place on the route of this year's Tour de France Stage 1.

Anyone got any stories they want to share? The pain, the punctures, the crowds and the comaraderie… post your thoughts and pictures here, and you might be able to include you in this month's feature on July's big Kent ride.

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    To quote from the British Sportive FAQ page on

    "The British Sportive is not a race"

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    I cant see where he said it was a race ?

    Gasping - but somehow still alive !
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    Moray Gub wrote:
    I cant see where he said it was a race ?

    Errrm............because it's in the "Race" section, not "Rides" the Etape IS a race :)
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    Cut and pasted from the old site;
    After a dodgy start to the day, oversleeping and a puncture just outside Greenwich park, the day got better.

    I was late for my 7.30 start but managed to get away about 7.45 and stayed with the groups doing my kind of speed until any hill seperated us as, their carbon bling just floated up them
    The faeries were busy today it seemed that for the whole day people were changing tubes at the roadside and I heard the guy at the first feed control that they had run out of tubes to sell

    The rain showers were heavy but fairly short and as it was warm we dried out quickly. and I probably only had them on twice for thirty minutes a time.

    That downhill bit at Pembury was a bit of a thigh burner I had to use the brakes to control the speed, 182 rpm was enough for today.

    I wanted to do a good time I am usually around 10-11 hours for a 200km ride and I hardly stopped at controls only to fill my bottles and grab malt loaf, so I was well chuffed to finish in 8:14:11 a great day.
    There were at least four others on fixed 8)

    and who was walking the last hill in a C+ top ? :wink:

    now where is that Malt Loaf mountain? they must have loads left over.

    Steve [not Paul Ruse] :D:lol:

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    Bronzie wrote:
    Moray Gub wrote:
    I cant see where he said it was a race ?

    Errrm............because it's in the "Race" section, not "Rides" the Etape IS a race :)

    Erm...... even though its in the race section i still cant see where he said it was a race, anyway whats so wrong with posting in here where a fair few follk would have ridden it.

    Gasping - but somehow still alive !
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    The event was a celebration of a certain well-known race, therefore there's a reason for it to be here.

    ('nuff said. Back to the anecdotes.)
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    Started early in my Downland Cycles Jersey on my pink Giant, at 6am. Was too damp at the beginning at that time so donned the waterproof, and proceeded to boil. The gentle rolling through the empty streets of London was cool, could have down with a few more marshalls and signs, as there were some hesitant riders near most junctions.

    My overall aim was to finish so i settled into a nice gentle pace, and let the club riders shoot past me. It was really strange riding in such a large amount of cyclists on what , at that time, were empty roads.

    I never really found myself in a large group the whole way, just the odd little bunch here or there. Rode with some T-Mobile riders near Tenterden, which was nice as i needed a bit of a boost at that point. Shamelessly wheelsucked for 10 or so miles, but i don't think i was the only one.

    Living in Canterbury, i had ridden the last 40 miles of the route and have done regularly for quite a few years. So once i hit Tenterden i knew i was home and dry, and cruised with some nice folk and enjoyed the views. Got talking to some folk about the hill that is Farthing Common, now i know that this 'hill' is not much more than a gentle slope, followed by a short steep section, and ridable by most, but i was amazed that this hill had been built up to to be some Ventoux like summit. Not sure how this reputation had been built up, but rest assured, its a slope.

    Hammered the last section along Stone Street and felt surprisingly good even after 100 miles. I was never going to break any records and was happy to finish in just over 9 hours. Next time i'll be riding for time, but it was good to ride an event like this and see how i fared.

    some pix here
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    Yes - why don't you look at the old forum? The post race posts don't seem to have made the transition.
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    I'd say it's probably the worst event I've ever ridden. Heavy traffic in some places and trying to squeeze hundreds of bikes down very narrow lanes with lots of cars wasn't the best idea. Also, I don't think I've seen so many badly ridden bikes in one place before. I'm surprised there were so few reported crashes.
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    What a great event. I set off with an early start and although it rained a little it was only water............ I saw innumerable people with punctures. One poor guy in Tonbridge was standing at the side of the road waving inner tubes at riders as they passed him. I stopped and found he'd had 3 punctures and had no more tubes left. Gave him a tube and rode on on. Luckily I got to the end without a puncture myself.
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  • The DVD arrived yesterday. Quite good but needed more footage of the route instead of Vicky P.
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