Getting back into cycling helpCannondale R600 to CycloCross

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Hi, due to bad knee ive not rode my bike for say 10 year, i want to give cycling another go.
So I looked at my Cannondale R600 58cm weight 20.5lb 105 groupset road bike, and remembered that the ride is a bit harsh especially on 700 20 tyres. Plus a more upright riding position would be nice.
So thought about using flat bars and wider tyres but the widest i can fit are 700 23, which aint going to make much difference.

So started looking at alternatives hopefully of a similar weight.
A cyclocross bike comes to mind, light weight frame, medium width tyres. but will it be comfy and i read the handing aint relaxed.

A mountain bike with26" road touring tyes is another possibility.
Main terrain to ride on is Lanes, dissused railways, little offroad but prepared to carry the bike

Doeas anyone have any advice??
Light frame, comfy riding position, fast,

suspension not to bothered


  • jibi
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    I have had my left kneecap removed and other ops on the right knee due to arthritis and chondromalacia.

    the MTB option should give you easier gearing, and the more upright position seems to cause less problems on the knees.

    Build up slowly and you should be riding the road bike before you know it.

    Just take it easy and enjoy cycling. I do.

  • mrgent
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    Sounds painful George

    Ive been looking at the Specialized Tricross, it ticks all the boxes.
    Just need to sell My Cannondale R600, and my ProFlex MTB.