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Hi everyone, I am new here.

Doing the Manchester 100K in September, OMG!! Am kind of newly converted to cycling, having been injured I took to cycling on a TT to keep my fitness up, now I can go back on the road I am really loving it, and kind of thought I needed a challenge/aim, and why go for a short ride when you can do 100K!!! Um not quite sure how sane I was feeling. I have about 6 weeks before I am doing this, and last week I did 26.5mile hilly bike ride, granted it wasn't very fast, but it was fun.

Anyone else doing this or the 100mile on the same day?

Trying to get used to riding on a road bike, but as the gears are on the lower cross bar and I am nervous about taking my hands off the handlebars(due to my previous injury) I have been doing most of my cycling on a mountain bike with road tyres on.

Anyway I think I have waffled on for long enough. Please say hi.


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    Hello purplemad - most are nuts here too... Cashew later
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    LOL glad I am not the only one then
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    If you have any money see if you can change the gear shift from the down tube to indexed "brifters". Its an american term for integrated brake lever and gear shift.

    so you don't have to take your hands off the handlebars

    have a great ride

    (I may be doing the 100mile that day)


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    Yeah have seen those, as I looked at buying a new bike last year. My OH is going to look into altering the bike for me, it's his bike really but I seem to be the only one that cycles now!!! comfortable ride other than my nerves with the gear changes.

    Keep me posted if you do do it. And thanks for the advice.