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BHF South Downs Way Randonne on 28 July?

ejls2ejls2 Posts: 322
edited July 2007 in MTB rides
Hi all,

Is anyone else here doing this? I imagine seeing some friendly faces would be a good thing at 5.15 am!

On a more pressing note, is anyone going from London down to Winchester early on the Saturday morning in time for the 100m start? I'm struggling to get a lift down there and I don't think the trains will work for me.

Will happily reimburse petrol and pay a bonus in beer to any kind soul who can take me and my bike.




  • ejls2ejls2 Posts: 322
    Sorry all, I hate bumping threads but a charity is going to lose out on lots of cash if I can't race so I feel morally justified. If anyone is going to this and can offer a lift down or back I'd be most grateful!


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