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So my LBS kindly lent me a road bike recently as I am thinking of buying one from them soon. I cycle 20miles a day and have been doing it on a mountain bike for a while.

The guys at the shop measured me up and set the old Giant OCR to my size. I got on it and found it the most painful experience EVER.

Is this usual when trying a road bike for teh first time? I lowered the saddle a bit and now I find it much better - only hurts a tad after long rides.


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    Hi Jonesy

    Whereabouts is the pain? I assume it is in your rear with your comment about moving the saddle. When I moved to my road bike from my MTB with slicks I must admit I didn't find it any harsher a ride (my MTB is oversize alu frame) and I had the same saddle on both (Planet X ti rail).

    If I were you I would try a different saddle, some shops will allow you to teat ride one (especially if you bought the bike there) or put the same saddle on as you use on your MTB.
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    Experiment with saddle height and position (perhaps it was too far forward). The only person who can get the bike set up just right for you... is you!

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