Routes section

Don`t seem to be able to access any of the routes?


  • yensid
    yensid Posts: 19
    I had the same trouble - Found out using IE6 at work it didn't work but at home using IE7 I could view routes.
  • Looks like a great site!
    Two points:
    1. routes accessible only in IE7
    2. would like to sort selected routes by distance
  • I hate writing this sort of reply because it sounds like such a cop-out, but we're unable to reproduce a problem in IE6.

    Would you folks be so kind as to give us more details, such as exactly which version of IE6 you're using (from Help > About Internet Explorer) and which version of Windows.

    Thanks in advance.
    John Stevenson
  • Samoth
    Samoth Posts: 6
    Also, when you say the routes "aren't accessible" - exactly where does it fail - what link were you trying to follow, what kind of error do you get if any, is it a blank page or something more unexpected. Screenshots are really handy if you can provide them.


  • jamieayres
    jamieayres Posts: 282
    In firefox and safari whenever you click on the links in the routes section you are sent to the homepage. As far as i can see its because of an errant forward slash in the url after :
    ...once you remove the extra f/wd slash it works fine.
  • jamieayres wrote:
    As far as i can see its because of an errant forward slash in the url

    Thanks; is this working for you now? I can't see a double slash in the URL (I'm also on Firefox) so I am guessing one of the devs has fixed it.
    John Stevenson