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Toe overlap

pepperchipspepperchips Posts: 28
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I am going to purchase a fixed wheel bike soon and I am concerned about Toe Overlap. I am 6ft 2.

Can anyone tell me how to figure out from bike spec measurements whether a bike will have the toe overlap problem?

I could go to the LBS, but I am still considering several bikes and it would be easier to judge from the measurements initially.


  • jakob_sjakob_s Posts: 477
    Toe overlap is a non-issue. It's only an issue at very slow speeds and you quickly learn to work around it.
  • i would agree with jakob there for sure. don't worry about it.

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  • Thanks. :o
  • Pete BeerPete Beer Posts: 604
    I've recently got an Argos track bike. With the 700 X 19 tubs the overlap was Ok and as they say only a problem at low speed however with 700 X 23c clinchers, it's much more interesting. If it ever stops raining I'll give you an update as the brand new clincher lasted a mile before puncturing, so I put the 15 year old Wolber tubbed wheel back on. Hey ho.
  • graham_ggraham_g Posts: 652
    You could probably work it out if you have the distance from forks to BB shell but it's easier to try it out!

    Toe overlap may not be a serious issue but it can be bloody annoying - you won't know until you ride a bike with it regularly. I found it annoying and would avoid it now on any fixed bike but live with it on a freewheel, YMMV so try before you buy (if possible!).-+
  • peejay78peejay78 Posts: 3,378
    i have the vaguest of toe overlaps, occurs at very low speeds, when turning tightly and the planets are in alignment. as such, i see it as auspicious and a harbinger of goodness.

    it really isn't a problem. on a track frame is likely to happen.
  • Toe overlap is hard to work out from bike geometry unless you have a very complete set of measurements.

    For some reason risk of toe overlap is overstated. I lost count of the number of times I was told that the '05 Langster suffered serious toe overlap. Yet I never found it existed on my 56cm example with my size tens.

    Even when it exists it is seldom a problem unless you find yourself executing very tight turns. I've never found it to be an issue in day to day riding.
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  • AndyGatesAndyGates Posts: 8,467
    Not a problem here, I have about 2" of it.
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  • rustychiselrustychisel Posts: 3,444
    I got some, on 2 bikes, it doesn't bother me in the least. Anyone want to buy some spare toe overlap? I got a left hand screwdriver for sale too!!
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  • DLemonDLemon Posts: 18
    My pompino has toe overlap as does my roadbike. Only had a problem with the pompino with full length mudguards which, when bashed with my foot mangled, with the front tyre and jammed the wheel.

    The front guard is off at the moment, but I reckon this was my own stupidity and happend when I pulled onto my driveway and attempted to trackstand badly!

    Never had a problem with the road bike in thousands of miles, even though there is at least an inch of overlap.
  • steverilesteverile Posts: 514
    Put me down for 'got it, not bothered', please :)
  • bryanmbryanm Posts: 218
    Sorry, I'm the opposite. I got it on my road bike and I hate it - never got used to it, never had complete confidence on it. I'm probably going to replace the frame this year and swap all the kit over from my present bike. The frame I bought was reduced as it was a cancelled order for a custom fit. In hindsight it was a bad purchase.
  • Adrian WaineAdrian Waine Posts: 284
    Your shoe size may be more of a problem than your height. I'm a scant six foot tall with size eleven feet. I have toe overlap on all my bikes to some degree, but I decided that I was NOT going to have it on a fixed.
    I went for the Pearson Touche, as reviewed in C+. Very nice frame, very helpful people. I think it was £225 for f&f, but don't quote me.
    Adrian W.
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