how much is this worth ??

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here is my lovely fixie just recently finished getting built up 531 frame and forks, suzue hubs on mavic ma3 rims handbuilt. ritchey cranks kmc chain talon cog campag post and cant remember stem, storkia saddle and nitto bars diacomp brake lever 105 bb and headset all as new . i was after a swap for a geared roadbike but ive had some interest in buying it but i dont know what its worth. ive spent a fair bit in it including the expensive bob jackson paint job]


  • if that were mine i would want at least £400 for it.

    all the best

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  • It looks terrific.

    Don't want to sound like a party pooper, but it's worth as much as somebody is willing to pay. It's unique so there is no "book price", put it up for too much and you won't get a tickle, if it sells quickly you'll always wished you'd asked for more.

    Fixers always seem to fetch top money on ebay as long as you do a good job of selling. Stick it on a ten day auction finishing on a sunday evening. With a good description and supersized pictures (those photos you've got are very good) you should fetch a good price. Avoid reserve auctions, they scare people off, and use a low starting price. You can cancel the auction at any time up to 12 hours to go so if you don't think it's going to sell for enough cancel with 12 and a bit hours to go and you've only lost your insertion fees.

    You know it makes sense.
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  • you know what i think im gonna keep it :lol: its too bloody nice to get shut of . im just so impatient i want a road bike now . but if i wait for 3-4 weeks i'll have about 800 quid to spend :lol:
  • firestarter, i think that is the best decision. keep it, ride it, enjoy it. wait for the cash to come through and pick yourself up a racing machine.

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  • i think your right jonny after all its only a month at most to have to wait :-)
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    Keep it, do.

    It is a beautiful piece of machinery - part with it now, for whatever sum and sure as day follows will regret it.
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