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Super springy forks

MentalRaverMentalRaver Posts: 221
edited July 2007 in MTB workshop & tech
Hey everyone,

My other half's bike (Saracen Mantra SE) has got Suntour forks on the front.

They are really springy and have led to two stacks of recent times. When she sticks the brakes on, particularly the front, it dips forward largely (like 40% of it's travel) and then pops up leading to rear end take off if she doesn't stick her weight back.

I know it's the forks as I Endo and nose turn on my bike and when on her bike it feels sketchy to say the least. To add to this, it feels like the bike sits really high up on the front.

Bike is only about 15 hours old over 6 months.

Any idea's? Rebound? Change spring? Cheap fork change option for about £100 maybe?
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