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The other day my next door neighbour offered me an old road bike he had in the back of the garage that he wasn't using anymore. Seen as i've only ever had mountain bikes I know nothing about road bikes. He says its about 15 years old and is a British Eagle but when I google the make it comes up with cheap full sus nasty mountain bikes.It seems well kitted and only weighs in at 20lbs ( not sure if this is light or not ). Is the bike worth bothering with? Any information would be welcome thanks.
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    I remember Coventry Eagle make

    But you could ask in special interests forum, they have collectables in there and may know more

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    I remember British Eagle, think they were one of the brands that the Falcon mob were putting out about 20 years ago. Why not post a piccie? Some of their bikes were OK, depends - does it have the magic "531" sticker on the frame?

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  • I'd say that if it goes, it's worth bothering with, even if it's only as a stepping stone. What kind of condition is it in?
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    20lbs is not heavy, nor is it light. Compare it to a new "entry level" road bike like the Trek 1000 or Specialized Allez which are both around the 21lb mark.
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    No advice, sorry.

    But congratulations on your screename.. :lol:

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  • Its got the 531 sticker on the frame. I'll post some pics as soon as I can.
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    A 20 lb. 531? Wow, that's like being given an Aston Martin! 15 years ago that would have been the weight of a Tour de France bike so it probably has the best components. Even now a steel framed racer with the best kit weighs roughly 18 lbs. You could see the world on it. I hope it fits you.
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