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Bomber Z1 Sport RCV

nick81nick81 Posts: 8
edited July 2007 in MTB workshop & tech
I've (stupidly) been messing about with my forks and can't get them back to how they were feeling before. Whats the best method to set them back up agan? Is it best to take the all the air out then set the rebound and compression or vice versa? Sorry if its a daft question but i've been riding them as they came from the shop and have loved them but I can't get them back to how they were riding before. Any help would be appreciated.


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Just have to experiment. I would back off all the damping adjustments, and set sag as normal via air pressure. Then make incremental adjustments to rebound until you are happy, then fine tune the compression damping.
  • nick81nick81 Posts: 8
    Sorry for bumping this back to the top, just wanted to say thanks for the advice I think I've got it sorted now. Thanks again mate
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