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My 1983 Peugeot Project Fixie has hit a major stumbling block.

The chainline is now spot on (thanks to some professional use of washers behind the chainring) :) (Its running 42 x 16)

The frame is now perfect a mundo thanks to North Manchester Powder coating (£30 I ask you!!).

The bast**d headset is now turning smoothly thanks to Neil Orell LBS (trusted by British Cycling @ the Velodrome no less).

Retro transfers are on the way thanks to people on this site

I even managed to get the rear brake cable to fit inside the frame a'la Francais.

The only problem now is the seat post is too low. Its a 24mm post with conventional rail trap at the top. At the moment it's 200mm in length from the bottom to the seat rails. Ideally I'd like another 60mm in seat height.

Does anyone have any tips as to what I should do?

Buy old Peugeot bike on Loot?
Buy 26ish mm post and sand down?
Keep it low and hope the NHS gives me a knee transplant.
Give it all up and buy Genesis Flyer?
Go to the back of the garage and cry about how much money I've spent so far?

If anybody has a 24mm post c260mm length, I will pay.

Thanks Stu


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    Best options I can think of.

    1. Get a 25.0 post and turn it down to 24 on a lathe.
    2. Use a BMX 22.2 post with separate clamp (not sure if this will fit your saddle) and shim it out.
    3. Find a donor Peugot.

    Oh, just found this for a unicycle. Might work?
  • marmitecp
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    Thanks Fluff. I ordered the Unicyle one on Friday with the intention of shimming it out. However, a stroll around Decathlon today turned up a 23.4 "Universal fit" seatpost. It comes with a tapered shim to fit up to 27mm. The shim wouldn't fit, but a litttle DIY magic later and I have une solution par Stella Artois!
    First shake down ride tomorrow, hope it holds.
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    Brilliant tip about the Decathlon seat pin - thanks!!!. Just nipped down to our local branch and bought said seat post for 14 euros only. Sawed bottom 10 cm off and shimmed it with a beer can. Works fab - much better than previous fluted alloy post with steel seat clamp.

    I've been looking for such a 24 mm seatpin solution for 2 yrs! Other C+ threads and Googling show many people are looking for such a solution.

  • I found a 24mm post at an LBS a few years back. It was hidden away in a bunch of NOS BMX stuff at the back of the shop.
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