Feature request: omnipresent 'profile' button.

Simon Notley
Simon Notley Posts: 1,263
A simple, and maybe rather picky request, given that our usernames apply to the whole of BR and allow us to perform actions on most pages, shouldn't the 'profile' button be part of the main site theme, rather than appearing only on the main forum index (and for some reason, not on any of the individual fora)?



  • secondtimeuser
    secondtimeuser Posts: 11,682
    Agreed, has been mildly irritating me a bit too...
  • Sheepish
    Sheepish Posts: 93
    i thought the same, but i couldnt be bothered to ask....
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  • Gavin Weeks
    Gavin Weeks Posts: 321
    Integrating features which are native to the forum is quite a hard thing, however its defo something we are working on though, for example. the profiles page will be more consistent to the site.

    Its on my list :)
  • Hairy Jock
    Hairy Jock Posts: 558
    I would settle for a profile which I could update, currently every time I try it just times out, very tedious.
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  • jibi
    jibi Posts: 857
    Is it not possible to have it so if we click on our user name , to view our profile. there is an edit button there.