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maidenhead and surronding area

theoriginaltheoriginal Posts: 35
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hi there i live in maidenhead during the week and i'm looking for places to thrash the old treader around
i've ridden swinley and met up with guts from but i'm looking for more riding on the doorstep for those after work rides
can anyone hlep


  • The BIG GTThe BIG GT Posts: 655
    I've recently moved to just East of Slough and found a few parks and bridleways out that way. I don't personally know of routes around Maidenhead but this link may give some info?

    Link 1

    Hope it helps...
    Now living happily at !!
  • tuxpootuxpoo Posts: 138
    Knowl hill bridleway has some good bits, bowsey hill and ashley hill have a few networks of single track.
    At knowl hill itself on the south side of the a4 theres a sorta dirt park in the woods for the adventurous.
    Its all pretty overgrown at the moment, so Id advise some long shorts to stop nettle stings.

    I use it to get on the thames path at hurley, you can do a good loop ie maidenhead - knowlhill - hurley - thames path - maidenhead.

  • mba007mba007 Posts: 95
    Depends on what kind of riding you want to do.

    For XC rides, there is sustrans cyclepath #4 that runs past Maidenhead Station -> Cox Green [past my house :D] -> Littlewick Green -> Knowl Hill -> up Bowsey Hill -> Wargrave -> Reading. Most of it is tarmac or gravel, and nothing technical, but it's great to get out into the countryside avoiding the traffic and struggle up Bowsey Hill!

    I've not done all of Knowl Hill bridleway, but some parts are churned up by horses quite badly ... bone shaking and unpleasant, but then maybe that's what you'd like.

    For singletrack/forest rides then I'm not familiar with anywhere, but a friend swears by Quarry Wood on the hillside between Cookham Dean and Marlow.
  • tuxpootuxpoo Posts: 138
    Had a poke arround the hill side north of cookham dean on sunday ( the north side thames path was blocked with floods.)

    We came over the bridge from marlow and at the base of the hill turned up gibraltar road then winter hill, Bit of a lung buster, but at the top you get a great view and nice run down to the thames path again.

    Highly recommend.

    Im going to have a look round Quarry wood next time im out that way.

  • if you are going to swinley again give me a shout. Go there quite a bit in the evenings and could do with a few people to go with.
  • tuxpootuxpoo Posts: 138
    Certainly, Theres a good chance I will be going over soon as the thames path is pretty out of bounds at the moment.

    Tryed to get to henley from sonning on weds. Cycled 2ft water at one point. I could see fish in front of me !!

    The water is really nasty. I disinfected everything after. There was brown silt on the bike. I dont want to think what it is.

    Other half wouldnt allow me in the house.

  • There are a few of us going up to swinley on sat 11th if anyone can make it.
  • If anyone's coming around Reading around the weekends just P.M me please, it would be cool for us to meet up :D.

    (just got a new MTB)
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    Full suspension - King of the forest!

    If anyone rides in Sulham Wood give me a shout :).
  • adoveradover Posts: 130
    There isn't really any great places to ride around maidenhead full stop. If you know of ferney (just past golden ball lane in the foresty area round there) there's a few good jumps, a lot of em need sortin out tho, and it's something i've been planning to do. Also if you're coming from maidenhead going up to winter hill, if u go up choke lane then just after the field bit it comes to a sharp right turning, turn left there and go straight down there's a nice long downhill section, not too technical but fast as f00k! Give it a go! Always lookin for more trails, I'm more often than not just hitting swinley nearly every night!
  • natrixnatrix Posts: 1,111
    You could always get in touch with these guys:
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  • thaibogthaibog Posts: 271

    We live in high wycombe which is 10 mins away from Maidenhead around here we have amazing rides. Stokenchurch / Risbourough / Hughenden/Chalfonts/Penn/Beaconsfield
    Loads of Chiltern singletrack/hills

    If you head up to the marlow bypass and cross it you are into the henley area Then you have All of the amazing scenery and tracks around there
    Turville/Ibstone/nettlebed/stoke row..
    If you ever fancy a trip out give us a shout.

    I have a new addition to the family due on Monday but a couple of weeks on we should be up for it.
  • tuxpootuxpoo Posts: 138
    If you want to venture out a little further head over to henley , theres some nice stuff between henley and nettlehead.
    Also just through nettlebed theres a small village called nuffield. Join the ridgeway and head down the Grim's ditch. Totally ace single track all the way downhill to wallingford 3-4km. A personal fav.

    Just go early in morning as it does have some walkers and isnt strickly a bridleway.
    Dont go if its wet and you hate roots.

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