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Cannock Chase FTD

TariqTariq Posts: 55
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I would like to know if my current bike is suitable to ride on the Cannock Chase FTD trail. I have a Scott SUB 30, a kind of hybrid bike, it has rigid forks, aluminium and 700x32c tyres. I have been riding for years and often ride along canal paths etc but I have never really been off-road much.

All advice appreciated.


  • Big n DaftBig n Daft Posts: 418
    With the weather it's probably going to be quite soft,

    I'd say your biggest problems going to be tyre width on 700 wheels.

    Depends on other things of course, how strong your frame is, because its rigid all the bumps are going into the forks/frame, all in all i wouldn't on a hybrid but its your bike!

    If you really want to ride it the shop there does hire bikes at a pretty reasonable rate, think its about £15 for 3 hours or 30 quid for a whole day.

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  • TariqTariq Posts: 55
    Thanks for that BnD.
  • Fortunately for us "beginner returners" FTD is no where near as severe as say Dalby Red, however the hire option is probably a very good bet as I still believe a "proper" mtb )( no matter how basic - up to a point! ) will give you more confidence on the trails.
  • the bike hire is £8 for three hours (inc helmet), you get a gary fisher hardtail for that, which will handle FTD easily. Despite the rain, FTD drains well apart 1 part of track about 1/3 way round. You have to provide i.d, and pay by credit card only. The staff at swinnerton (bike hire place) are great, and the trail is well sign posted. 3 hrs should be plenty to get around, I usually do it in under 50 mins, but i've been riding trail for about 2.5 yrs now, so I know it well. don't let those who say trail is easy put you off, its great track, especially for getting into MTBing, and I've ridden supposedly harder black trails. If you ever wanna guide give me a shout, I'm over there most weekends.
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  • gary_fisher3gary_fisher3 Posts: 3,466
    I've done FTD several times on a cyclo-cross bike. ( 700x32c tyres, rigid forks).

    Ironically It was MUCH quicker than the MTB; but it was so uncomfortable/ scary at speed I wouldn't recommend it.

    You will get around without too much trouble on your existing bike (provided you take it slow) but you'll be better off on a good MTB.
  • TariqTariq Posts: 55
    Thanks for all the advice, I'll hire a bike I think, no point risking my bike (and myself!). I work weekends and have days off in the week, I'll pop over after the school hols are over, cannot stand too many kids riding around, I'd be a danger to them!

    Many thanks to all who replied.
  • TicaboyTicaboy Posts: 314
    What about the drop off at the bottom of the berms section? Are you rigid-fork guys doing that?
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