Idea for a magazine article - what's better, one bike or two

Splasher Posts: 1,528
Lot's of people ride all kinds of terrain and lots of people spend 2-3 grand on their bike. So whats better, one £2,500 bike or two bikes for the same cash. You could pitch a do-it-all bike like a Stumpy FSR Pro/Whyte 46/Reign 0 against a pair of bikes to the same value. For example a Marin Eldridge Grade and a Kona Coiler, or a Trek 8000 and a Specialized SX Trail I.

Then you take them to an XC enduro, a couple of man-made trail centres, a DH track, and if possible a trip to the Alps (representing a fair cross section of typical riding). In each case it's the expensive bike against the more appropriate of the two cheaper bikes and at the end of the test you can say which is the better way to spend your money.
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